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Pulse Forming network Capacitor( PFN capacitor)
    发布时间: 2022-01-04 21:26    

Pulse forming network capaitor are design formedical linear accelerators, modulator.

Pulse Forming network Capacitor( PFN capacitor)

High voltage pulse forming network capacitor (PFN Capacitor), applciation for pulse forming network modulators , medical linear accelerators,Radar systems,etc.

we can design and manufacture the custom PFN capacitor as per your requirement,also can provide the inductors ( PFN coil) which matched with your Pulse forming networks.

Please let we know below information for the design of pulse forming networks capacitor-PFN capacitor.

  1. Temperature range

  2. Pulse width,

  3. Repetition rate

  4. Impedance and tolerance value

  5. Peak charging Voltage

  6. Number of terminals required,

  7. Mounting brackets required

  8. Limiting dimensions,

  9. Pulse duration-where measured and tolerance

  10. Pulse rise time-where measured and tolerance,if any

  11. Operational life required