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High Voltage Pulse Discharge Capacitor, Plastic Case
    发布时间: 2021-06-09 18:55    

Oil Filled ,double ended plastic case capacitor, High voltage pulse discharge capacitor.

Double Ended Plastic case HV pulse discharge capacitor with Female thread.

High voltage pulse capacitor with female electrode.

other paramenters are also available upon request, if you didn't find the plastic case pulse capacitor that you need . 

Voltage Rating: 25kV,30kV,35kV,40kV,50kV;

Capacitance rating-In narofarad :  

25kV -25nF,35nF,45nF  ( 0.025µF,0.035µF,0.045µF-25000VDC)

30kV-13nF,22nF,30nF  (0.013MFD,0.022MFD,0.03MFD-30,000V.DC)

35kV-10nF,15nF,20nF  (0.01µF,0.015µF,0.02µF-35,000VDC)

40kV-10nF,15nF,60nF  (0.01MFD,0.015MFD,0.06MFD-40,000VDC)

50kV-8nF,10nF,40nF,100nF  (0.008MFD,0.01MFD,0.04MFD,0.10MFD -50000VDC)

Datasheet for High voltage pulse discharge capacitors