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CAK39H Wet Tantalum Capacitor with Hermetic Seal
    发布时间: 2024-02-03 17:40    

Our CAK39H Type Tantalum capacitor is an all tantalum case ,Hermetically-sealed, cylindrical, axial wire lead, polarity capacitor, excellent electrical performance, small size, large capacity, high reliability, long life, can withstand large ripple current, widely used in aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, electronics and other fields, especially for spaceships, satellites, aircraft, missiles and other national defense weaponry supporting the DC or pulse circuits of the military electronic equipment for the requirements of reliability, suitable for the aerospace field of the small size requirements of the entire equipment. Especially suitable for the aerospace field on the capacitor space requirements of small device. This type of capacitors can be substitute Vishay ST tantalum capacitor items.

Basic Tantalum Capacitors items as below:

Capacitance value in Microfarad: 10MFD,47MFD,68MFD,100MFD,150MFD,220MFD,330MFD,390MFD,470MFD,560MFD,680MFD,1000MFD,1500MFD,2200MFD,

Voltage Rated: 15V,25V,30V,50V,60V,63V,75V,100V,125V,150V.DC

Derating Voltage :10V,15V,20V,30V,40V,50V,65V,85V,99V DC;

CAK39H Wet Tantalum Capacitor with Hermetic Seal